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Sgt. Sasquatch - Easter Island cover

Sgt. Sasquatch – finished art

Big. Hairy. Patriotic. Who knew bigfoots (bigfeet?) could join the military? Learn ...

Sgt. Sasquatch – concepts

Squatchy concepts in the rough
Zenith: Phase of the Werewolf - inked cover - by gpaulr

Zenith: Phase of the Werewolf — Prologue

Hiking alone? Bad idea. Click the thumbnails above to see the full-sized ...

Announcing Sgt. Sasquatch #2 and HeroesCon

Sgt. Sasquatch issue #2 cover and interior

Sgt. Sasquatch joins the Freedom Fighters of Fortune Company to go after the bad guys. But as the team bands together, the nefarious Orgulous strikes! Will Fortune Company survive the baptism of fire? Find out in Sgt. Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of Liberty #2! I put the finishing touches on this FULL COLOR issue about a […]

Sgt. Sasquatch review: “this is a series that has a lot of potential”

Sgt. Sasquatch - bee cover

Author and columnist Susan Jane Bigelow reviewed the first issue of Sgt. Sasquatch. This part of the review made me chuckle. God, just look at that title. … It’s glorious. It promises pulpy action and a story that is full of unapologetic Golden Age comic book schmalz. Susan picked up on the Indiana Jones vibe […]

Free preview of Sgt. Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of Liberty

Sgt. Sasquatch Issue 1, page 5

Enjoy the first five pages of the ashcan version of issue #1 at the low, low price of FREE. If you like what you see, purchase the full, 22-page issue for $5. Whichever version you read, please drop me a line and let me know what you think!

“Got My Soul”—Interview with musician Mike Upchurch

Mike Upchurch

Mike Upchurch graciously granted me permission to use his song “Got My Soul” to promote Sgt. Sasquatch. He gets the coveted Squatch Seal of Approval! Read on to learn about Mike and his musical endeavors. Thanks for joining us for an interview. Tell us about your band and how we can hear your music. Hi, […]

Order Sgt. Sasquatch online!

Sgt. Sasquatch Issue 1 copies

I’m happy to report that the ashcan issue of Sgt. Sasquatch sold like hotcakes at the Star City Anime Convention. (Learn more about the ashcan issue in the previous blog post.) Now that I’m back home, I’ve created a form so you can order as many copies as you like online. Click the Buy Now […]

Sasquatch sighting! Sgt. Sasquatch, that is.

Photo of Sgt. Sasquatch #1

Issue #1 of Sgt. Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of Liberty is now available! This 22-page comic is an “ashcan” edition, meaning that it’s printed on high-quality letter-sized paper. Copies are $5 each. If you’re in the Roanoke, VA area this weekend, come see me at the Star City Anime Convention! I’m selling copies of Sgt. Sasquatch […]

Squatch of Approval: Craig Bond

Squatch Seal of Approval

Where do I start? That is a question that plagues artists nearly as much as “When do I stop?” So let’s start here.  I met the (then) runt when I was a senior in high school and he was a freshman. He liked dragons and skulls and all the nonsense that guys love at that age (myself […]

NRCC Comic Con a Squatchy Success!

Friends! I made my first appearance as a guest at a Comic Convention and it was an amazing experience! This was a test run as an experiment of proof of concept for the “Sgt Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of Liberty” comic series. The feedback was enormously positive. I will be posting pictures from the November 1, […]

Loneliness is zombies.

The talented and prolific Brandon Hale added my zombie short story “Loneliness” to his Halloween short story marathon, Emotional Outbreak. You may want to read it on an empty stomach. Heh.

Squatch of Approval

gpaulr recommends these fine artists to sate your scifi and/or horror and/or humor cravings. Brandon Hale pens novels, short stories, and comics about werewolves, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night. Some of his latest work is The Day Soldiers trilogy. A legion of vampires and werewolves has declared war on the […]